We Need Power From on High

Jan 24, 2021    Jim Moynihan
Reflection/Discussion Questions

1.) Examine your own heart before the Lord. To what degree as there been unrighteous anger, fear, and grief over this past year? Get beneath the surface. What may be driving that anger, fear and grief? Consider in what ways you are believing lies of the world, the flesh, or the devil or placing your faith and trust in anything besides Christ, His Kingdom and His promises.

2.) If need be, take some time to repent of anything the Lord may reveal to your heart.

3.) Reflect on the story from Acts 4:1-31. What will YOU do if of our religious freedoms begin to be taken away? What will you do if there is threat of being fined, prosecuted, or persecuted for refusing to worship with other believers. Take some time to pray from Acts 4:25-31 and make it your own.