Follow Me

Jan 31, 2021    Jim Moynihan
Reflection/Discussion Questions

1.) Do you want to follow Jesus... really? In what ways do you need to repent of following Jesus casually?

2.) If one of the evidences of someone who is truly following Jesus is the work of the Holy Spirit in them to move them toward the lost to become "fishers of men", how are you doing in this area? If there is not much burden, urgency or commitment to reach the lost, what areas of your heart and life may need yet to be surrendered to follow Jesus more fully?

3.) Who is your one? Take some time to pray for them right now and prayerfully consider how you may reach out to him/her/them this week. And if you don't have someone that you are actively praying for and working for their salvation, ask God to reveal someone to you this week.

4.) Who is that person or people group that you struggle to love. Ask God to help you to repent of any pride or religious spirit toward them.