Praying For a Move of God

Feb 14, 2021    Jim Moynihan
Prayer Focus #1--Pray that God would revive our hearts with a zeal to continue His ministry in the earth through:
Solid teaching of His Word
Bold and passionate preaching of the Gospel in which we actually pursue lost people
Witness many miraculously healed leading them to faith in Jesus.

Prayer Focus #2
Pray that the Lord will grant His compassion to our hearts. Receive by faith a fresh outpouring of His Holy Spirit, anointing us to be His witnesses in the earth, granting us boldness and urgency.

Prayer Focus #3
Pray that the Lord of the harvest will raise up workers from THIS church to send into His harvest field—not only in our community, but to the ends of the earth. That He will cause our church to be FULL of people who are praying hard and working hard for the salvation of others.