The Sacrifice of a POURED-OUT LIFE

May 2, 2021    Jim Moynihan
Digital Bulletin--

Personal Reflection/ Discussion Questions

1.) Who is someone that you know that is living his/her life in a "poured-out" kind of way? Describe (or think about) why you would categorize him/her that way.

2.) How does the idea of the Old Testament "whole burnt offering" apply to us today?

3.) Think of the analogy of the soldier vs civilian, athlete vs spectator, farmer vs consumer. How would you describe yourself right now and why?

4.) Why was it so offensive to God that the people of Israel were bringing poor offerings to Him (Malachi 1)? What application does that have for us today?

5.) Think through the Practical Applications offered by Pastor Jim. Which ones might you begin to put into practice?