The Passing Pleasures of Sin

Jul 4, 2021    Travis Foster
Digital Bulletin--

Personal Reflection/Discussion Questions

1) Do you actually believe that the Reproaches of Christ are greater than all the world has to offer? Take a moment to deeply think, are you living in a way where you are being reproached and suffering like Jesus? If not, what are ways God wants you to change your lifestyle to live in a way for Him that reproaches might happen to you?

2) Since sin is a Passing pleasure, what can you focus on the next time sin tries to allure you? What can you shift your focus to, bring to remembrance, to show that sin is a passing pleasure and the riches of God are eternal and fulfilling pleasures?

3) Do you believe that you've been spiritually eating the "fullness" of what God has for you? Or do you believe that you've only been eating the peel? What does the Lord want you to walk in to experience His fullness?